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Icelandic Mares for Sale

Pandra fra Hestar

    * Sire: Hegri fra Skalakoti
    * Dam: Snor fra Svignaskardi
    * Born: May 18, 2002
    * Price: Sold
PandraPandra on the trail for one of the first times

Pandra is the big sister to Saga and Skor. She is smooth and fast just like her mama! Her dam Snor is originally from Iceland and has the fastest smoothest tolt. Pandra is a very strong Icelandic mare with oodles of tolt as well. She is still in need of some mileage on the trail but trims, leads, and has good ground manners.

Korona fra Hestar

    * Sire: Hegri fra Skalakoti
    * Dam: Kolla fra Dalsmynni
    * Born: June 7, 2005
    * Price: $8000

Korona & SteveKorona 

Korona was shy at first but has really warmed up to humans as training progresses. She has beautiful movement and is very elegant to watch. She would be great as a one person horse where she knows who she is with. She offers tolt easily under saddle.

Fabina fra Hestar

    * Sire: Hegri fra Skalakoti
    * Dam: Hremmsa fra Fagranesi
    * Born: June 24, 2006
    * Price: $8000
FabinaFabina & Emilie Vander Elst
Fabina has fantastic colour, movement and a sweet disposition. She has been started with TTEAM ground work and is being ridden on the trail as the year progresses.

Gaefa fra Hestar

    * Sire: Hegri fra Skalakoti
    * Dam: Hilma fra Sigmundarstodum
    * Born: May 31, 2005
    * Price: $9000

Gaefa ridden by Daniela MaierGaefaGaefa & Gillian

Gaefa was started in 2011 under saddle. She offers tolt easily and is very smooth in all of her gaits. She is very tall, friendly and willing. She has been good with ground manners: trimming, worming and loading. She also has to be one of the prettiest mares on the ranch.

Andi fra Icehorse Ranch

    * Sire: Tygul fra Hestar
    * Dam: Kleopatra fra Hestar
    * Born: June 7, 2009
    * Moving to a new loving home
AndiCowgirl Andi

Andi is a very strong Icelandic mare with oodles of tolt. She is ready to be started under saddle. She is good with trimming, leading, trailer loading and generally has an excellent disposition.

Icehorses at sunset
"Nothing is more sacred as the bond between a horse and a rider. No other creature can ever become so emotionally close to a human as a horse. When a horse dies, the memory lives on, because an enormous part of his owner's heart, soul, and the very existence dies also." Stephanie M Thorn

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