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Tellington TTOUCH and Equine Sport Therapy!

Icehorse Ranch offers holistic health care and therapy options for horses.
Equine therapy is used on horses for preventative care as well as for rehabilitation from
injury after an appropriate diagnosis from a veterinarian, and does not replace the need for veterinary care. We provide a mobile service and are expanding facilities at Icehorse Ranch to accommodate clients’ horses with customized rehabilitation through equine therapy and Tellington TTOUCH and TTEAM groundwork.

Equine therapy includes:
Massage Therapy
Saddle and Tack Fitting Assessment
Applied Kinesiology
Nutritional Assessment & Balance
Structural Assessment & Balance
Cranial Assessment & Balance
Use of Herbal Remedies
Assessment of Rider Imbalances
Principles of Movement
Energy Balancing Techniques
Recognizing Farrier Imbalances
Recognizing Dental Imbalances
Acupressure Techniques
Use of Magnetics
Treatment of Injuries

"I’ve had many profound connections with horses and I think it's possible with many animals. We humans are the ones who limit the connections."  Linda Tellington Jones

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